The path to the development of organic agriculture in Uzice, Zlatibor, Raska and Podunavlje district

Role of organization: Partner

Place of realization: Republic of Serbia

Problem with which the project deals with: The project is directly focused on the lack of public support measures for organic agriculture in central and western Serbia. It directly involves all key actors: decision-makers on public policies, farmers and consumers.

Project goals:

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the development of sustainable agriculture through the strengthening of NGOs and the capacity of other key actors in Zlatibor, Raska and Podunavlje district, and to advocate the promotion of public policy at the local and national levels.

The specific objective is to promote and support the development of organic agriculture in Serbia through advocacy for the introduction and consistent application of public policy research, support for measures and subsidies in Zlatibor, Raška and Podunavlje district, affecting decision-makers, farmers and consumers.

Planned activities:

Activity 1: Scientific research on cost-effectiveness and analysis of competitiveness of organic agricultural production in Central and Western Serbia.

Activity 2: Supporting advocacy meetings of local actors on the benefits of conversion into organic and sustainable agriculture, as well as the needs of public administration support to the measures of sustainable agriculture in central and western Serbia.

Activity 3: Organic agriculture training for local farmers from central and western Serbia.

Activity 4: Final national event within the National Convent for monitoring Chapter 11-Agriculture and rural development.

Expected results:

Evidence prepared, in the form of scientific research, on the benefits of conversion to organic agriculture, which can be used as arguments for advocating conversion to organic production.

Increasing the interest of participants in Central and Western Serbia about the benefits of conversion to organic and sustainable agriculture, and the need for measures to support sustainable agriculture from public administration, using arguments based on research, knowledge and experiences of professional farmers.

Improved knowledge of local farmers on sustainable agriculture, methods of organic production, networking of farmers and organic food market.

The principles of sustainable agriculture and organic production are set to a higher level in the National Convent agenda, within the Working Group for monitoring Chapter 11 (RG7) agriculture and rural development, and among related local and national actors.

Donor: ORCA

Year of implementation: April 2017/October 2017